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This blog is about what happens to a former newspaper photographer when she becomes a mama and moves home to raise her kids. I'm a wife to my best friend Michael who is a photographer for the Tulsa World. I am a mama to two beautiful girls who make me laugh every day. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I think it's a wonderful place to raise our children. I was a newspaper photographer for 13 years before leaving to stay home with my girls. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am blessed with the ability to stay home with the girls mostly but also freelance photography some. Sometimes I can't believe I'm actually getting paid to do something that is so fun! I recently heard someone say "I spent my 20's thinking I knew everything and I have been spending my 30's proving myself wrong." I relate so much to that because I realized a while back that I spent my 20's thinking mostly about myself and my career and I have spent my 30's mostly thinking about our children and how I could stay home with them more and work less.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Laundry Confession

I have a confession. I don't do Mike's laundry. I know, isn't it terrible? I have just never done it, his clothes take forever to sort, wash and dry and I find that it just makes me happier when he does his own laundry. I do all the other laundry in the house and I really don't despise doing laundry like some people and I think it's because I don't do Mike's laundry. I only have to do laundry about once every two weeks between me and the girls. If I had to do Mike's laundry I would have to do it like every other day or so just to keep ahead of it. Now, I have been known to do his laundry when I feel sorry for him like when he's worked a whole bunch and hadn't had time to do it or if he's sick. Or like when his dad had a heart attack and I was so nervous at home with the girls while they were all at the hospital all I could think to do to help was do Mike's laundry. Every once in a while (very rarely actually) I feel kind of guilty for not doing his laundry, more now that I don't work, but then I hear someone complaining about doing laundry and I think to myself the guilt is worth the satisfaction I get out of not doing his stinky laundry.


  1. I don't do Kevin's laundry either. It's a long story involving pregnancy, falls, picking up, and well...his laundry. It works for us now though.

  2. I would imagine a shirt and pants of Kevin's would be an entire load!!! Glad I'm not the only one Maria. Thanks for sharing.